World War Z Weapons List (Best Gun Collection)

World War Z Weapons List (Best Gun Collection):- In World War Z you will be up against Hordes of Terrifying Zombies and other malicious traps. The four-player co-operative game is quite challenging without the right tactics. If you want to survive the onslaught, it’s only natural to have the required firepower to dismantle the enemies. There is a huge variety of weapons in the game ranging from assault shotguns to chainsaws. The weapons are classified into Tiers and there are also Heavy Weapons available. You can obtain weapons during the game in secret rooms and in chests. However, not all the available weapons are worth your time. In this article, we will be showing you the World War Z Weapons List as well as the different categories of weapons including Best Gun Collection.

World War Z Weapons List – Best Guns

World War Z Weapons

World War Z

Tier 1 Weapons

These are the best weapons available in the game. The weapons which can be classified into this category include-Scout Rifle (Mini-21), Compact SMG (Gal 9), Shotgun (M500), Pistol (1911 Protector) and Machine Pistol (Geist 17MP). Fortunately, the good thing is that all these weapons will be at your disposal at the start of the game, as they are perk rewards from the different classes in the game.

Tier 2 Weapons

The weapons which fall under this category include-Assault Rifle (ARK-103), Sporting Carbine (Pac-15), SMG (TMP5), Combat Shotgun (S890), Sniper Rifle (Mk110), PDW (Senjata PDW) and Compact Shotgun (S890 Shorty). These weapons will serve you for a long time in the game. They can be obtained from the in-game missions and through the Character Skill-Tree Upgrades. Assault Rifle and Sporting carbine stand out in this category.

Tier 3 Weapons

These weapons are very rare to find and there is a good reason for it-they are quite strong.  The weapons which fall under this category include-Assault Carbine (HW416), Battle Rifle (HAMR-17), Bullpup Rifle (XTAR-95), Advanced SMG (Keris V10), Assault Shotgun (Taiga-12) and Crossbow (Repeater X). The crossbow is one of the strongest and popular weapons available in the game. The reason is that it fires arrows which explode on hitting a target. The crossbow can easily help you deal with the swarms of Zombies. However, you should find ways to replenish the ammo.

Melee Weapons:

Melee weapons are not effective when you are dealing with groups of Zombies. They are not the quickest nor will they offer any sort of protection. Hence, you should not rely on them as your primary source of weapons. But in situations where you need to have a more stealthy approach, these will come good. Also, if you are one on one against Zombies, then melee weapons can be used.

Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons are there to make your life easier. They can do a significant amount of damage and can be used to control the situation. The heavy weapons available in the game include-Revolver (Casull 6), Chainsaw (SchreiTech Forrest Warrior), Heavy Assault Shotgun (Taiga-12), MGL (Hailstorm MGL), Machinegun (MAG5), RPG Launcher (RPGL4 Rocket Launcher), Payload Rifle (BF25 Sniper Rifle) and the Grenade Launcher (Thumper GL). Out of these the best choices are the Chainsaw and the Grenade Launcher while the Heavy Assault Shotgun is not that far behind either.

The Best Gun in World War Z

  1. Heavy Assault Shotgun- This weapon is best used in situations where you want to massacre your enemies. For example, when the Zombies are trying to build a pyramid to attack you, you can blast them away using this gun.
  2. Stun Gun-This is one of the more overlooked weapons in the game. The weapon is best used to stop charging enemies from attacking you.
  3. Silenced Pistol-This weapon is favorable when you need the more stealthy approach. This weapon is very useful for long range combat. You can take out zombies without even engaging them full on.
  4. Advanced SMG-In our opinion this is by far the best weapon in the game. This can be used to attack enemies from anywhere and with maximum efficiency.
  5. Combat Shotgun-This is ideal for close-range Encounters. Great for dealing damage against small groups of enemies and you can finish them off with a single shot.

 Best Gun Collection- Full List of Guns in the Game – World War Z Weapons List

  1. Scout Rifle
  2. Compact SMG
  3. Shotgun
  4. Pistol
  5. Machine Pistol
  6. Assault Rifle
  7. Sporting Carbine
  8. SMG
  9. Combat Shotgun
  10. Sniper Rifle
  11. Compact Shotgun
  12. Assault Carbine
  13. Battle Rifle
  14. Bullpup Rifle
  15. Advanced SMG
  16. Assault Shotgun
  17. Crossbow
  18. Machete
  19. Grenade Launcher
  20. Payload Rifle
  21. RPG Launcher
  22. Machinegun
  23. MGL
  24.  Assault Shotgun
  25. Chainsaw
  26. PDW

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In this article, we have provided you with all the information regarding the best guns and weapons available in World War Z. If you have any queries regarding the content of World War Z Weapons List, do write to us.

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