Utopia: Origin Guide, Cheats & Tips For Beginners

Utopia: Origins is an open world adventure game with RPG elements. You explore the 3D world of Beia and there are Lots of stuff to do. You can interact with other players, tame animals, and even build a house. Building and exploration is a huge part of the game. So today in this post we will talk everything about Utopia: Origin Guide, Cheats & Tips. 

Everything you do in the game leads to experience points. The more experience points you have the stronger your character becomes. There are lots of materials to collect and items can be crafted as well. At the beginning of the game you can’t craft many items but as you gain experience points your options will significantly increase. A big shift in playing style is required when approaching night as many creatures will awaken during this time. You are free to explore Beia and there are no linear missions. In this article, we will be providing you Utopia: Origin Guide, Cheats, Strategy & Tips to your character development and master the game.  Below are our Utopia Origin Guide, tips and tricks for the mobile game.

Utopia: Origin Guide, Basis, Tips & Strategy

The basic: Since it is an open world game, you will not be compelled to complete any missions. The basic game is to survive as long as possible. You can check the body status at the top right corner. Here you get information regarding the health, thirst, and hunger of your hero. (Check below Image) In order to ensure the survival of your character having food and water periodically is necessary.

Water – You can get water by jumping into a water body like a lake or a river.

Health – You can either use the magic wand to restore HP or having food items like blueberry and cooked meat can help recover the health.

Food – Berries are good food and hence be on the lookout for berry bushes. Once you locate the bushes go near them and press the hand button. You can also hunt down chickens and pigs. building a campfire helps to roast the raw meat.

Utopia: Origin Guide – Game Mode & Tame Animal

Choosing the Game Mode – There are two modes in the game – Peace and Chaos Mode. The peace mode is all about player versus environment and you won’t be able to fight other players. This is the recommended mode for the beginners as they can get a feel of the game mechanics. The chaos mode is definitely more challenging as you can other attack players. New players are given player protection until they reach level 20. Players belonging to the same group are allies.

Taming Animals in Utopia – In Utopia: Origin you can tame animals and use them to your advantage. Tamed animals can help in exploration and traveling becomes much faster. However, the process is not quite simple. To tame an animal follow the Utopia: Origin Guide given below.

How to Tame Animals in Utopia Origin

Craft yourself a wooden club. Using this club attack the animal and reduce its health. Keep attacking until the animal is stunned. Now you need to provide the animal it’s preferred food. After feeding the animal a number of times it will become tame. Now use a captured item and the animal is yours.

Utopia: Origin Tips, Tricks & Strategy – Don’t Miss

Utopia: Origin Guide

Utopia: Origin Tips, Tricks & Strategy

In this section, we will be sharing some best tips, cheats, tricks, strategy & utopia origin guide to help you master the game. Our Utopia: origin guide cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide will get you into the habit of checking on them.

1.) Beacon – The starting archipelago in the game hosts a big tower called beacon. The beacon not only offers the players protection from monsters but also other players as well. This is an advantage compared to the campfire, which offers protection only against monsters. The Beacon can also be used for teleportation uses as well. To do so move closer to the beacon and climb on top of it. Nextly move to the magic portal and tap on the flashing hand. Select “Beacon Transport” and choose a location.

2.) Making Water Skin – Keeping your thirst quenched is essential for survival in the game. However, what do you do when there is no nearby waterbody? This is why crafting a water skin is a necessity as you can store the required amount of water. To craft a water skin you would need two leather. For that, you need to hunt down horses and get two hides.

3.) Repairing Tools – If you don’t feel the need to create new weapons and tools then you can always repair the existing tools and weapons. The best thing about this process is that it requires fewer resources compared to creating tools. For example, to repair an ax you need only one piece of wood.

4.) Creating a Wooden Axe – To survive in the land of Beia one of the first things you need is proper weapons. To build a wood axe, you would require five pieces of wood. They can be obtained by felling trees with their hands. To do so go near a tree and press the sword icon. Keep pressing until the tree falls. Nextly, click on the flashing hand icon to get products. You will get products like wood logs and fruits, straws etc.

5.) Getting the Lost Items Back – If the player dies in the game then all the items in the backpack will vanish. You can get them back by going back to the place where you died. However, you should go there quickly.

If you have just started playing it then you should definitely follow this Utopia Origin Guide. I am sure this utopia: origin tips and tricks will help you to get better in the game.


In this article, we have provided you with all the Utopia: Origin Guide, Tricks, Cheats & Tips. If you have any more queries then do write to us. Keep visiting Game Guide Me for latest updates & News of games.

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