Star Trek Fleet Command Guide, Tips & Cheats

Star Trek Fleet is a huge game. In this MMO RPG game, you will be doing a lot of exploring and collecting. As the name suggests you will be controlling a fleet of ships. Each ship are used to perform different tasks. Here you will get everything you need to know about Star Trek fleet including Star Trek Fleet Command Guide, Tips & Cheats.

Star Trek Fleet Command Guide

Star Trek Fleet Command Guide

Star Trek Fleet Command Guide & Tips

In the beginning, you might not be troubled by the Strategies and the mechanics of the game but as you make progression things will start getting difficult. Getting more ships and properly using them is key in the game. Your selection of ships is what will bring peace and tranquility to the universe. In this article, we will be providing you with Star Trek Fleet Command Guide, Tips and Tricks on how to be a great Fleet Commander.

Ships & Drydock

You can have a total of five ships in the game but each ship requires a different drydock. In the starting of the game, you can get a free drydock and can start with a single ship. Later you have to start building drydocks yourself. You need to complete missions and demands to construct the next drydocks. In short, it is a time-taking process. All the ships in the game are to built by the user. In total there are 100 ships available in the game and each ship has a schematic. Schematics are like plans for the ships. To build a particular ship you need it’s schematic. You get schematics by completing story missions, attacking enemy ships and doing research. There are four different classes of ship available in the game.

  • Explorer – The normal type of Ship available.
  • Interceptor – The best category of ships in the game. They are great for combat and research. There are only 5 of them in-game.
  • Battleships – They lack in speed but make up for it with their durability.
  • Survey – They are good for exploration but have no armor.
  • Having one ship from each class is the ideal situation.

The ships can also be upgraded. Each ship has a tier level. The ships have to be docked at the Starbase to begin the upgrading operation. By upgrading the ships you can make an explorer class ship as good as an interceptor type ship. Officers can be assigned to ships( 3 for one ship). Officers have different abilities and can bring different buffs to the ships. In addition to the officers, each ship can also have 7 crew members. A ship with all the slots filled have various buffs to attack and defend.


Mining is a great way to collect resources. Often players neglect this method and prefer to collect resources from base buildings. Asteroids on the map have a variety of resources which can be mined. You can get almost anything you need by mining.

Is there any way to protects ships while mining?

The only problem with mining is that you are vulnerable to attacks by enemies. Hence before mining ensure that you are in a safe position.

Star Trek Fleet Command Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Becoming a part of an Alliance

One of the first things you should do in the game is to join an Alliance. The members of the alliance help each other out in conducting research and reducing the time for building construction. You can also ask for help to the alliance. Alliance members have their own special stores where you can purchase “Ultra Recruit Tokens” in exchange for alliance credits.

Choosing Your Battles

As you explore the game you will realize that there is a never-ending possibility of battles. Your ability lies in choosing what battles to avoid. Scanning enemy ships give information about them and what rewards can be obtained by defeating them. Scanning human-controlled ships reveal their weaknesses and crew information which you can exploit for your gains. Focus on completing the combat training missions as they give a  lot of rewards which can be used to improve your ships

Selecting Base Location

You will start the game on a random planet but you can choose to relocate the base if you find it necessary. Sometimes your base might get attacked a lot or you might find resources hard to get, in such situations, it’s better to change your base. For this click on a planet and chooses one of the relocation slots available. However, each relocation cost a relocation token which you need to purchase.

Daily Goals

Completing Daily Goals give you more points. Using these points you can obtain the collectible chests. On the event’s tab, you will find lots of daily events which you can complete. Some of these are timed events. Also, do check in the gifts menu as here you can claim timed chests.

Attacking Player Stations

After reaching level 15 you can begin attacking player stations. It doesn’t matter even if they are from the same faction as you. In the system map, the blue circles around planets represent the player stations. Click on them to start the attack. This is a great way to win a lot of resources and player chests. Player chests contain the most valuable items and they should not be ignored. If you are an Alliance Member do notify other members before attacks. This is to take precaution against the counter attacks which might result.


In this article, we have given you the Star Trek Fleet Command Guide, Tips & Strategy necessary to ace the game. There are countless things you can do in the game but once you clear the basics the rest will flow in. If you have any queries related to the article then do write to us.

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