Rise Of Kingdoms Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

In this post, we will share Rise Of Kingdoms Guide, Tips & Strategies for beginners. Here we have posted, everything you need to know about Rise Of Kingdoms. Let’s have a look at our ultimate Rise Of Kingdoms Guide & Tips.

Ever dreamed of building your own kingdom and being the legend of your civilization’s history, then Rise of Kingdoms is the game for you. You can choose from different civilizations and guide it into a force to be reckoned with. The alliance system lets the players help each other in times of need. Exploration and investigation are important parts of the game. There are a surplus of activities to do in the game and if your tactics are not spot-on, then you might run into trouble. If you truly want to take control of your kingdom, then you need to do what others are not willing to do. Therefore, in this article, we will be giving you Rise Of Kingdoms tips and tricks on how to ace the game and etch your Kingdom in the history books.

Rise of Kingdoms Guide – Buildings, Commanders

Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Rise Of Kingdoms Guide – Buildings

You can create different types of buildings in the game ranging from training centers, production centers, research centers, and recruitment facilities. You need resources for the construction namely-food, wood, gold, and stone. If you want your kingdom to be prosperous, then having an abundance of resources is a must. At the starting of the game, there won’t be any shortage of resources however, as you level up you would gradually start experiencing a shortage in supplies.

One way of getting resources is by attacking other kingdoms. This can happen to you as well hence having a well-prepared army is always a big plus. There are two types of buildings in the game-economy and military. One of the more important buildings in the game is the City Hall. This is because upgrading City Hall will result in an increase in the number of buildings and also Kingdom Power will increase. The storehouse is where you will be keeping the resources. upgrading the storehouse will give more protection to the resources. If you are in need of help, you should join the alliance center. Upgrading this facility will fetch you more help. This is the Rise Of Kingdoms guide for buildings. Now we will talk about Rise Of Kingdoms guide for commanders.

Rise Of Kingdoms Guide – Commanders

From Julius Caesar to Sun Tzu, the game features 34 commanders to help you in your conquest. Each of the commanders possesses different abilities and skills making them useful in different situations. You can put commanders on defense. To do so simply tap the defense icon and choose the required commander. Also, commanders with the Garrisoning skill should be placed in the garrison position. You can get commanders by opening the chest in the Tavern Building. You can level them up by earning XP. XP can be obtained from battles or Tome of Knowledge Item. You can also upgrade the commanders by using sculptures.

Here we have shared Rise Of Kingdoms guide for beginners now we will proceed to the Rise Of Kingdoms Tips, Cheats & Strategies.

Rise Of Kingdoms Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Become a part of an Alliance

If you want to maximize your growth then joining an alliance is a good idea. By joining an alliance you can seek help from other members and share the resources with them. Also, you should move to the alliance territory. Your alliance will also profit when you gather resources within the Alliance territory. You can also do much more like start rally attacks, earn keys, gems, and many more.


Researching helps you earn resources and get better troops. You would also receive several other boosts throughout the game. Research conducted in the military technology area is the most significant as it would enormously boost your Troops. Later you can also check out the Economy Technology Tree.

Red Gems

You can obtain red gems by finishing quests, from random rewards, from battles, and alliance gift. Our advice to you is to spend the gems in upgrading the VIP level. Improving this has many benefits.

Developing Your Commanders

There are many commanders available in the game however, too many cooks spoil the broth and hence you only need to invest in one or two commanders and build them up. The Barbarians are good in the player versus environment mode(PvE). Others are great in gathering resources and commanding your Troops. You should check out their abilities and choose to develop their specific stats depending upon your need. Gaius Marius is one commander who is good at collecting resources.

Finishing the Daily Objectives

Completing the daily objectives will fetch you rewards like golden key, 100 Gems, magic box etc. This is one of the easiest ways to fetch rewards. The missions are quite simple as well, hence you should not be missing out on this.

Training your Troops

if there’s one thing that you should never neglect, then it is training your Troops. There is always the possibility for war and by no chance should you be under-prepared. Upgrade your Troop Producing Buildings when you get the chance and train continuously. In training, train maximum units possible.

Expedition Mode

Finishing all the expedition stages with the 3-star will fetch you instant rewards. To do so simply tap the chest icon in the expedition menu.


In this article, we have provided you Rise Of Kingdoms Guide with the tips and tricks necessary to master the game. Also, we have briefly touched upon the basics. If you have any queries regarding the article do write to us.

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