Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List – Best Characters in The Game

LYN is a role-playing game with various collectible heroes and their epic stories. In this post, we will talk about Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List which will help you to choose the best characters in the game.

There are a lot of characters available in the game and you should be selecting the best ones out of them. The game places a lot of importance on strategies and tactics. Assembling the best possible team requires knowledge of the characters and what they bring to the table. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing the Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List of characters in the game. However, we will not be discussing the lower-tier heroes as they are not worth much and provide a poor return of investment. We will also be giving you a few tips and tricks to help you ace the game.

Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List – Basic, Guide, Tips

You should have a good awareness of the in-game resources. Adventurer’s Wings is the game’s equivalent of health or stamina and determines the limit up to which we can play. At the beginning of the game, you will be getting a lot of rewards and hence Adventurer’s Wings will be well stocked. Our advice to you is to avoid using it for repeating maps in the adventure mode. The Gold and Diamonds are sorts of like the in-game currency. You should avoid spending them in the initial parts as the things worth spending on comes later. You can perform various cool upgrades for your characters.

You also have the choice of spending real money and obtaining blue diamonds. The user interface is well designed and easy to use. You should keep an eye out for red exclamation marks. It means you need to collect something or perform an action. When you play a map for the first time, you will be guaranteed a reward. Any repeated attempts on the same map will generate random rewards. The rest of the game is pretty easy to follow. Before we proceed to the table of Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List, we will discuss about how to build your desired team.

Building Your Team

There are mainly two ways by which we can acquire heroes-Hero Summon and finishing the campaign. In Hero Summon you are basically trading the diamonds you obtained from the game for heroes. There are numerous instances where you can obtain free diamonds. You can also summon heroes for free using the daily Hero Summon. This method will give you a completely random hero. When you get a hero you should be checking out the number of skills he possesses. If that number is less than 5, it implies that the hero is pretty much fodder material. You should be using it to develop other heroes. If it has five or more skills, you should try to develop active skills.

Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List – Character Tier List

Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List

Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List

Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List – Tier 1 Characters

  1. Fenrir 4 Star (Defensive Characters)
  2. Verulian 4 Star
  3. Lephaion 4 Star
  4. Loki 4 Star(Midline Characters)
  5. Yurieh 4 Star
  6. Shine 4 Star
  7. Kriton 4 Star
  8. Ervette 4 Star
  9. Vekki 4 Star
  10. Aki 3 Star
  11. Miriam 4 Star
  12. Lilith 4 Star
  13. Micilin 4 Star
  14. Tia and Tiren 4 Star

These are the most powerful Lyn: The Lightbringer characters in the game

Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List – Tier 2 Characters

  1. Vyle-4 Star Defensive Character used in Front Line.
  2. Hayes 4 Star Character
  3. Sophia 4 Star Character
  4. Furious Stone Golem-3 Star Character
  5. Leora-3 Star Character
  6. Difrancis-4 Star (Midline Characters)
  7. Skadi-4 Star
  8. Crystal-4 Star
  9. Seiji-4 Star
  10. Dark Alphen Magus-3 Star
  11. Roven Chief-3 Star
  12. Rua-4 Star (Attacking Characters)
  13. Airen-4 Star
  14. York-4 Star
  15. Meldas-3 Star
  16. Terry-3 Star

They are not the best characters available in the game but they are not the worst as well. Provided with good gear and the right teammates they can excel.

Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List – Tier 3 Characters

These characters are not outstanding by any means but they are not trash as well. With the proper investment and upgrades, they can fare well.

  1. Tao 4 Star (Defensive Characters)
  2. Aleista 4 Star
  3. Lizard Chief 3 Star
  4. Giant Stone Golem 3 Star
  5. Agazion 3 Star
  6. Landisel 4 Star
  7. Feiren 4 Star (Midline Characters)
  8. Divine EreGiant Ice Golem 3 Stars Mage 3 Star
  9. Alphen Magus 3 Star
  10. Grimhilde 4 Star
  11. Deshua 4 Star (Backline Characters)
  12. Dragonian Mage 3 Star

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Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List – Tier 4 Characters

These characters are not quite impressive or have been particularly helpful but they might work for you depending on your strategies.

  1. Varos 4 Star (Frontline Characters or Defensive Characters)
  2. Locan Chief 3 Star (Snowfall Locan Tribe)
  3. Giant Ice Golem 3 Star
  4. Ignis 3 Star
  5. Kaprica 4 Star (Midline Characters)
  6. Succubus Dancer 3 Star
  7. Jean 3 Star
  8. Charlotte 3 Star
  9. Winry 3 Star
  10. Incubus Dancer 3 Star
  11. Lamia Witch 3 Star (Backline Characters)
  12. Eres Mage 3 Star
  13. Locan Chief 3 Star


In this article, we have provided you with information regarding the Lyn: The Lightbringer Tier List and have also classified the characters into Tier groups on the basis of their abilities. There are other characters whom we have not mentioned but they are not going to get you far in the game. If you have any queries regarding the article, do write to us. 

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