LifeAfter Guide, Tips & Strategies For Beginners

Life after is one of the most popular and trending survival game for Android & iOS right now. Want to play this Game? Don’t worry, we have shared depth LifeAfter Guide, Tips and Tricks for beginners.

LifeAfter is a third person survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. As a result of a virus outbreak, the population has turned into Zombies and you must fight against them. The game has a great story and nice graphics. There are lots of stuff to do in the game like teaming up with other players and taking down Zombies, exploring the land, fighting wild animals etc. The core of the game is very simple- gather materials, unlock recipes,  build new structures to protect yourself. To survive in the game you have to make sure that you are well equipped and well stocked. Since the game is relatively new, there is not much information and LifeAfter guide available. Hence, in this article, we will be giving you LifeAfter Guide, tips and tricks on how to ace the game.

LifeAfter Guide – Characters, Crafting, Dog, Combat

LifeAfter Guide

LifeAfter Guide, Tips & Strategies

Character Skills Guide

To get an idea about your characters abilities, tap the home button on the top left corner. On choosing the abilities option you can view the three abilities of your character-Gathering, Combat, Craft. To increase your respective abilities, you need to acquire skill points. Acquiring resources from the wild can boost your gathering ability.

  • Hunting zombies and animals can give you combat skill points
  • Crafting different items can fetch you crafting skill points.

You can acquire skill points as a result of completing bounty quests, or by killing the mystique creature. The dollar is the in-game currency and can be obtained by finishing training quests or by selling items.

Crafting Weapons (Machete, Mondragon Rifle) – Crafting Guide

To survive in the game you need to craft good weapons. Having a bow is not enough, you need Rifles to explore the dangerous territories. You can craft different weapons like Machete, a melee weapon and Mondragon Rifle.

Machete – For making machete, you would require wood, stone, hemp, iron ore etc. You can get these items from the wilderness.

Mondragon Rifle – For crafting the Mondragon Rifle, the items needed are wood, pig iron, and bone.

You will get bone by killing animals in the wilderness like Deer and wolf. Pig iron is separately crafted from iron ore and twig. You can get twigs from Trees while Iron ore from the rocks.

Dog Guide – Important Part of The Game

Your dog plays a huge part in the game. You can make your dog as a guard. Feeding the dog is easy. All you need to do is to tap the Dog Avatar at the top-left corner. Feeding dogs can increase its fullness and bring it to a better mood. When the dog is in a good mood, it follows your commands readily. You can give the dog items like watermelon, bones, vegetables, meat etc. Sometimes your dog might run away on its own chasing some disturbances. This is not a cause of concern, however, be sure to check out your Dog’s backpack as you might find some extra supplies it has brought for you.

Combat Guide

Combat is an unavoidable part of the game. Irrespective of your intentions you will eventually run into mutants and animals. During combat always prioritize the head. HeadShots deal double damage and can make your job much easier. Even in hunting, this is the case. Shooting animals in the head results in a much likelier victory.

In this LifeAfter guide for beginners, we have covered characters skills, Crafting weapons, dog guide, and combat. I am sure this LifeAfter guide will help you to start the game in a better way.

LifeAfter Tips, Tricks & Strategies

In the above paragraphs, we have demonstrated LifeAfter guide for beginners and now its time to move towards tips, tricks & strategies of LifeAfter. So let’s proceed to our best LifeAfter Tips, Tricks & Strategies.

Keeping Yourself Well Fed

You should not let your character starve in the game. The Hunger meter is a measure of how hungry your character is. Whenever you collect raw materials your hunger meter levels drop.  When the levels are very low, you will receive a debuff and eventually, the character will lose health. An advantage of maintaining a good level in the hunger meter is that you will receive the cozy buff which can increase your speed by 5 percentage and decrease your energy consumption.

Using The Bed

When your character’s HP is down, using a bed will restore the health. You can get a bed for free by exploring the cabin area. Or you can craft yourself a bed using the material bench.

Crafting Bandages

The most important character stat in the game is HP.  One way by which you can increase the HP of your character is by using Bandages. You can craft a bandage by using Hemp. Hemp can be obtained in the Wilderness.


The weather can significantly influence the way you play the game. It is a good idea to avoid the rain as you might catch a cold and hence you would lose the ability to sprint. As a result, you should be limiting your exposure to the rain. however, the rain can be beneficial in certain situations as well. Mushrooms are only found in the rain and hence you should be on the lookout. You should also have an eye on the temperature as in certain locations Temperature Drop might result in deterioration of health. Switching on your torch is a good way to combat this problem.


In this article, we have provided you with all the necessary information regarding LifeAfter guide, tips & Strategies. If you have any queries regarding the article, do write to us. Stay tuned with Game Guide to get latest updates of games.

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