Laplace M Guide, Tips & Strategies For Beginners

Laplace M is an open world MMORPG taking place in the city of Laplace. Let’s have a look at our Laplace M Guide, Overview, Tips & Strategies For Beginners.

You are in charge of protecting your city against an impending evil. Like other RPGs, there are four different classes of characters to choose from. There are lots of customization options with regards to characters and also pets and transformation abilities offer a wide range of choices in terms of character building. Besides customization, Laplace M has a great storyline along with incredible anime-style graphics and quality background music which will endear it to the hearts of gamers.

Besides the main story, there are various side quests and new game modes available which will ensure that gamers get a significant amount of playing time with this game. The controls feel natural and the user interface is smooth. There is also an Auto mode in case the users find the mechanics a bit tricky. While the challenges are fairly easy, some of them might require the user to adopt teamwork. Since the game is relatively new, there is a shortage of information regarding the game. Hence, in this article, we will be providing you with all the necessary information including Laplace M Guide & Tips so that you can emerge as the savior of Laplace.

Laplace M Guide – Characters, Skills, Stats

laplace m guide

Laplace M Guide, Tips & Strategies

This post is all about Laplace M guide for beginners where we will talk about Character Classes, Stats, Skills, guardians and many more. I am sure our Laplace M guide & Tips for beginners will help you to level up fast in the game.

Character Classes Guide

There are four classes of characters to choose from in the game. Each of these base characters can further progress to more advanced classes. The classes are quite different in terms of abilities.

Warrior – This is your typical all action combat characters. They have the right mix of attacking and defensive abilities, making them quite an all-rounder. moreover, they can further advance to two classes-Paladin and Berserker.

Paladin – This is a tank type character and acts as a shield with high defensive capacity. Steadfast Shield is their main weapon and can serve as protective and can also be used to smash enemies to the ground.

Berserker – As the name hints, these characters are an all-out attacking specimen. They are gifted with life-stealing abilities thus boosting their longevity.  They are still second to Paladin in terms of strength.

Mage – They are more like Magical characters and they possess the ability to manipulate fire and water thus allowing them to attack enemies from a distance. They can progress to higher classes like Pyromancer and Frostweaver.

Pyromancer – Fire is the character element and that permits them to deal a tremendous amount of damage t the enemies. Using their magically infused rifle, they go on inflicting pain on their opponents.

Frostweaver – They have ice as the element. While they are also good at dealing damage, they are most useful in controlling the enemies, making if tough for them to make their move and thereby helping their allies.

Cleric – These are the supporting characters in the game and there focus is on assisting allies and healing them. They are very helpful characters and can move onto Priest and Ranger classes.

Priest – Their specialty is their healing power and is the perfect supporting characters. They also can share their faith with those in need.

Ranger – They serve a wide range of roles-from healing allies to dealing damage. They can also debuff enemies using curses.

Assassin – These are characters who rely on their stealth skills. They strike at the least expected moment and quickly evades the scene. Their attacks are quick and precise and they excel in indirect melee combat. They can further progress to Ninja or Asura States.

Ninja – They have mastered the art of striking from the Shadows and are expert in Stealth Skills. They have the ability to control the crowd and if needed they can bring in their friends during battles.

Asura – They prefer a more direct approach to combat and strike head-on. Their critical blows are deadly and also have good crowd control skills to go with it as well.

Class Skills and Card Skills

As the character levels up, you will obtain skill points, which you can utilize to increase your skills. The higher-tier skills are unlocked after unlocking the lower skills while certain other skills can be used only at particular levels. Some skills are exclusive to the PvP and PvE modes.

The cards obtained from the Card Dungeon can also give you unique skills. Using them in the player gear gives Bonus Stats to the player and lets them use the card’s skills. Leveling up the cards can further boost the skill stats and cards can be freely swapped as well. By clicking the enhance option you can upgrade your cards. However, this requires Silver and Mana.


  1. P/M-ATK – Increases the ability to deal damage for both physical and magical attacks.
  2. DMG× – Basically a damage multiplier.
  3. P-DEF – Decreases physical damage taken.
  4. M-DEF – Decreases magical damage taken.
  5. HP – You die when you lose HP.
  6. VIT – 1 VIT will increase the HP of the character. As the level of character increases, the boost received will also increase.
  7. STR – For Soldier and Assassin classes’ DMG×: Within 0-200 STR, every 10 STR will increase the character’s DMG× by 1%. After exceeding 200 STR, the DMG× increase will be reduced as STR increases.
  8. AGI – For Soldier and Assassin classes’ DMG× and Crit: Within 0-200 AGI, every 10 AGI will increase the character’s DMG× by 0.4% and Crit 0.3%. After exceeding 200 AGI, the DMG× and Crit increase will be reduced as AGI increases.
  9. INT – For Mage and Cleric classes’ DMG×: Within 0-200 INT, every 10 INT will increase the character’s DMG× by 1%. After exceeding 200 INT, the DMG× increase will be reduced as INT increases.
  10. SPI – For Mage and Cleric classes’ DMG× and Crit: Within 0-200 SPI, every 10 SPI will increase the character’s DMG× by 0.4% and Crit 0.3%. After exceeding 200 SPI, the DMG× and Crit increase will be reduced as SPI increases.
  11. VIT – 1 VIT will upgrade the character’s HP, as the character’s level increases, the set amount of HP increased will also increase. Every 100 VIT will increase 1% HP and 1% Crit.


Guardians are basically supporting characters and they are very loyal. You can obtain guardians in Guardian Island using a net. All the Guardians are different from each other and have their own unique personalities and skills. Once the bond between the Guardians and players improve, they can even unlock new skills. If you feel like your Guardian is not a good fit for you then you can always reroll using Lotus Fruit.

So this is Laplace M guide for Beginners. Here we have covered all the basic aspects, now let’s check out our Laplace M Tips & Strategies.

Laplace M Tips & Strategies For Beginners

  • Choose your characters wisely
  • Don’t forget check mail & bag for Game rewards ( Click on the social icon to the left and then click on mail to grab the rewards)
  • Focus on Gold tier Guardians since they have the biggest stat boost
  • Guild Mode – guild mode is also an important mode in the game. so, find the guide and join it. (you have to reach level 18 to be able to create or join a guild but its easy to achieve)
  • Every character in the game has their unique skills. Make sure you read, what each skill does and only focus on what you need at the most for your desired build

In this article, we have provided you with all the necessary information regarding the Laplace M guide & Tips. If you have any queries regarding the article, do write to us. Keep visiting Game Guide Me because we will update this post with new guide, tips & tricks.

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