Langrisser Mobile Tier List & Reroll Guide (Updated)

Langrisser was an incredibly popular role-playing video game back in the day in the 1990s. Now it is back on the mobile and many gamers are excited to experience their once favorite RPG on the mobiles. Like any RPGs character development is a very important part of Langrisser. If you don’t spend time developing the right character then that can impact your progress in the game. In this article, we will be showing you the Langrisser Mobile Tier List to choose the best heroes available in the game. As a result, you would know where to focus upon.

In this Langrisser Mobile Tier List, you will get much useful information regarding best Langrisser characters, their skills and rerolling guide. So, let’s check out Langrisser Mobile Tier List to build the best team.

Langrisser Mobile Tier List 2019 (Updated)

The Langrisser Mobile characters are classified into categories like SSR, SR, and R. The classification is based upon the rarity and how easy they are available to obtain in the game. As you can guess the SSR characters are the most well rounded and the most desirable. However, you should not avoid other characters. They have special abilities which set them apart which makes them unique as well.

The characters have also access to troops which they can bring to battle. Troops will shield them from damage and well as provide something on the attacking front. The troops of various heroes are unique in the sense of their abilities especially the passive attack and equipment.

Best SSR Heroes Available In Langrisser


Arguably the most powerful attacker in the game. He is one of the best heroes you can get in the game. He has incredible versatility and can boost the stats of his teammates.


Lana is mage type character and has excellent long-range abilities. However, she is quite effective is close quarters as well. She has a great DPS unit and that makes her one of the best characters you can get in the game.


Ledin is a tank type characters whose primary abilities are defensive and can frustrate the enemies. Ledin is very good on the counter-attack and is highly resistant.


A healing character, she can heal the damages to herself and others. Tiaris complements Lana quite well and together they form an amazing Duo. Her other ability is the Area Healing.


Liana is a great character to have in your group. Liana has healing abilities and she can also remove debuffs.

Langrisser Mobile Tier List – All SSR Heroes – Image (English Name)

SSR Heroes Available In Langrisser

Best SR Heroes Available In Langrisser


If you don’t have Ledin in your team, then Vargas is the next best bet. A tank type character, Vargas is the second strongest tank available in the game. Vargas will take a lot of damage and is someone whom you can count upon to watch your back. Vargas is weak against the infantry units and is not a damage healer.


Imelda can do a little bit of everything. Mass attack, Mass healing you name it she got it. Her stats are also impressive. Imelda is a great team player and probably one of the most valuable characters in the game.


Teleportation is a very cool skill to have and that is exactly what Hein has. Hein is similar to Imelda in the sense that she possesses a wide range of skills but is a slightly more aggressive version. Hein is useful in situations like treasure hunts or fights where you need a breather.


Chris is a combination of a damage-healer and a support unit. Her abilities include healing, buffing and debuffing. Chris is ideally suited for the PvE but is nonetheless a great character in all modes.


Egbert is what you call a secondary damage-healer. Egbert has a nice range of skills and is good for the PvP mode.

Other SR characters in the game include Narm, Freya, Sonia, Lance, Kirikaze and Silver Wolf.

Langrisser Mobile Tier List – All SR Heroes – Image (English Name)

Best SR Heroes Available In Langrisser

Best R Characters in Langrisser


In our opinion, the Best R character in the video game by far. Jessica makes the game a lot simpler due to her Teleportation technique. She is a handful in when Treasure-hunting.  Her special abilities include Meteor shower which is useful in PvE.


Dios is an Archer and can be useful in specific situations. However, beyond that, he is not going to be of much value. If you don’t have an archer character only then should you go for him.


A damage healer. He is an inferior alternative to Elwin.


Lester shows his value during the boss fights and is good to have during the initial stages of the game. However, as the game goes on you will be made aware of his limited skillset.

In Langrisser Mobile Tier List, Characters are also classified in tier 0, tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4 and tier 5. Check out below table to get Langrisser Mobile Tier List in depth.

Langrisser Mobile Tier List – All R Heroes – Image (English Name)

Best R Characters in Langrisser

Langrisser Mobile Tier List (Character Image Include)

Character NameCharacter IconTier

Langrisser Mobile Tier List

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Character Stats

The stats determine how capable the character is. The stats used in the game are,

  1. HP- The total health points of the character.
  2. Attack- The ability of the character to inflict damage on the opponents.
  3. Defense- The ability of the character to take in damage.
  4. Skill- It increases the chance of landing a critical hit.

Langrisser Reroll Guide – Is it Worth it?

Rerolling process in Langrisser mobile is very difficult and time-consuming. Plus there is risk involved with your account if you are using rerolling because developers are against this rerolling technique. In my opinion its not worth it. Still, let’s have a look at the Langrisser Mobile Rerolling guide. There are multiple ways to reroll in Langrisser.

Using Server: Start by creating accounts on the servers. Now complete the missions and earn trinity vouchers. Now use these vouchers for 10x summon which will guarantee an SR character. In the store spend crystals for trinity vouchers. Do this in all the accounts and choose the best possible character list.

Using Facebook: Login using your Facebook account by tapping the player account and opting to switch the account. The chances of obtaining SSR level characters is very low and therefore this is not preferred.


Langrisser is a great RPG to play and in this article, we have shown you, Langrisser Mobile Tier List, reroll guide and who are the best Langrisser characters available in the game and also, what are their special abilities. If you do have any queries then write to us.


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