Hustle Castle Guide, Cheats & Tips For Beginners

Looking for Hustle Castle Guide? If yes then you got the right page. Here we got the everything you need to know about Hustle Castle. In this post, we will be looking at the Hustle Castle Guide, Tips, & Cheats For Beginners. So. if you are new to the game then you should definitely check this article, believe me, its worth it.

Hustle Castle is a castle-simulator game with A lot of possibilities. Basically what you Are doing is taking care of the inhabitants. This is a fun and very addictive game. You can expand your fortress, teach people new skills and can compete with your rivals. You also have the option of looting the castles of other players but should be prepared for an attack on your castle as well. There are lots of challenging campaign missions and if you don’t know the game mechanics, then they might frustrate you. That is where we come to the picture and in this guide, we will be giving you the best Hustle Castle guide, tips, and tricks to master the game. We will be covering everything from the roles of the characters, hustle castle cheats to strategies which help you during battles.

Hustle Castle Guide, Cheats & Strategies

In this section, we have shared hustle castle cheats & tips including weapon guide, equipment guide & tricks to progress fast in the game. So In the first step, download Hustle Castle game from Play Store and follow this article till the end to know all the Hustle Castle tips & strategies.

Using the Best Equipment

Equipment makes a lot of difference in the game. Always choose the best possible equipment for your character. Good equipment can give stat boosts and traits to the dwellers. There is also the possibility of receiving Bonus Stat Boosts such as additional combat power from the armor. Besides combat equipment might also be very resourceful in different ways. For example, the financial analyst’s spectacles can boost the earning power of the villagers. Equipment is also vital in the case of soldiers. Choose equipment like melee or ranged weapons depending on the cause.

Weapons Guide

Depending upon the weapon used your character assumes different roles-Maze, Tank, and Archer. To check what category your weapon belongs to, go the main screen. Now tap the chest button and move to the weapons tab.

Maze – Maze weapons have some sort of Magical power associated with them. Typically these weapons have healing powers and can also be used to revive allies.

Tank – such weapons are to be used from a close range and can deal a significant amount of damage.

Archer -These weapons are great for attacks but have poor health stats.

Picking Up Free Gems

Gems are the exchange medium in the game and they can be brought only in exchange for real money. The gems can be exchanged for great prizes. Fortunately, the game offers you the opportunity to obtain some free gems. Participating in the portal battles which take place weekly is one way to obtain free gems. This, however, requires a lot of preparation and investment. An easier alternative is by watching in-game advertisements and by opening the chests obtained from battles. You are also rewarded with gems by completing achievements.

Resources Guide

Food, wood, iron, and gold are the main resources in the game. Resources are used for a variety of tasks like crafting spells, upgrading buildings, and crafting equipment.

  • Food is obtained from the dining hall.
  • Gold is obtained from the treasury room.
  • Iron is received through mining.
  • Wood is obtained from Mills.

If you want to stack up a lot of resources then make sure you build sufficient storage for it. Having more resources in your castle increases the chance of being attacked when offline. Therefore it is wise to spend as much resources as possible before logging out. If you don’t need them, keep them in your inventory as they can’t be stolen.

Hustle Castle Cheats & Tricks

Do you agree if I tell, getting five-star characters in hustle castle is not an easy job? Well, many of you want to know that how to get 5-star characters in the game so let’s check out below hustle castle cheats and tips to know how to obtain 5-star characters in the game.

Character Classes

The characters in the game are classified into four categories.

  • Fighter – They are characters used for combat.
  • Cook – These characters are responsible for the production of food in the dining room.
  • Alchemist – They are responsible for crafting of spells or mana.
  • Treasurer – They are behind the production of gold in the treasury room.

The characters also possess certain attributes like,

  • Damage per second
  • Armor
  • Production
  • Dodge

Increase Class Points & Attribute – Hustle Castle Guide

  • To increase the fighter points, damage per second and armor – Upgrade the character in the fighting room.
  • To increase the alchemist points – Upgrade the character in the lab. Characters with high alchemist points can boost mana production,
  • To increase the cook points – Upgrade the character in the kitchen. Upgraded characters can increase the production of food.
  • To increase the treasurer stats – Upgrade the character in the mint.

Throne Room

The Throne room, while it does not do anything eye-catching is vital for the working of your Castle. The total population capacity, room availability, and room capacity depend upon the level of the Throne Room. Hence, upgrading the Throne Room is a must. However, this is not something which should be rushed upon. There are other important tasks like increasing resource production and training the fighters who deserve immediate attention. Therefore, the Throne room should be upgraded after completing all the other necessary tasks.

Living Room

Unlocking the living room, allows us to put a female and male dweller inside where they can have a baby. This baby can either have the attributes of the parents or might even better them. 4-star parents might have a 5-star baby. This helps in creating better dwellers and is the way to grow stronger in the game. The weaker dwellers should then be banished.

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In this article, we have provided you with information regarding the playing-style and mechanics of Hustle Castle Guide, Tips, & Cheats For Beginners. If you have any queries related to the article then do write to us.

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