Era Of Legends Best Class In The Game

Era of Legends is a massively multiplayer online fantasy game for Android devices. Today in this post we will discuss about Era Of Legends Best Class, Skills, And Secret Art.

In the game, you have to choose a character and for this character, there are eight different classes to choose from. Each of the classes has different characteristics and abilities. The type of character you choose will determine the way you play in the matches. For example, if you select a Tank type character, then you will be highly defensive and if you choose a Warrior-Type character you will be highly offensive and seek to inflict the most damage possible. Therefore in this article, we will be looking at the different Era Of Legends Best Class available in the game and we will help you choose the best possible class for your style of play.

Era Of Legends Class – Best Character Class

Era Of Legends Best Class

Era Of Legends – Warrior Class

Warrior characters are good in dealing with damage from short distances. They are basically Melee characters and their HP and Def Stats are pretty impressive. These characters do the highest damage and also protects your teammates from attacks. They have the ability to stun enemies and their smash skill is pretty impressive. The shield can increase both the physical and magical defense. They also possess secret arts to Increase Damage Reduction, movement speed, and protect ally by seeking damage.

Era Of Legends – Shaman Class

Shamans are supporting type characters whose main role is in healing teammates. Besides they also possess many cool buffs which are extremely helpful. They are vital members of the team and play a key role in maintaining the health of others. Also, Shaman can inflict magical damage on enemies. However, they are different from Mage Class. Their other abilities include increasing stats for all allies, turning enemies into frogs, increasing ATK of allies, summoning water totem and fire totem, and reducing enemy SPD. If you prefer staying in the back and serving your team then this is the class for you.

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Era Of Legends – Mage

This class can destroy hordes of enemies using magic. They have very high AoE damage skills and they are an attacking class of characters. They can bombard enemies multiple times and they are great characters to choose from in PvP mode. Their abilities include Self Teleportation, Self Healing, turning enemies into sheep and their Soul Rain Skill can deal magic damage for a short period of time. If you are an attack-minded player and hope to smash away the opposition then this is the class for you.

Era Of Legends – Priest

Priests are similar to Shaman but they focus more on healing and less on inflicting damage. Your main role as a priest would be to stay back and help your allies. Although they can do a bit of damage it is very less compared to other classes. Priests are easy to play. Their abilities include healing allies, reducing the speed of enemy movement, granting health shields to teammates, and dispelling debuffs from enemies. So if you are least interested in the combat aspect and more on the healing then this is the class for you.

Era Of Legends – Assassin

Assassins are another attacking class characters in the game. What makes them different from other attackers is that they mainly deal physical attacks and also focus on a single enemy at a time. Although they are mainly damage dealers they also possess some cool skills as well. Their abilities include Critical Hits, stealth mode- which lets you escape the scene immediately, Self Healing, Self Teleportation and increasing the movement speed. If you prefer attacking characters then these would suffice.

Era Of Legends Class – Archer

Archer class does not have a very good defensive stats but yet they are good for dealing damage. Their low HP and unreliability make them unfavorable in certain conditions but if you enjoy standing in the back and attacking from a distance, then this is the class for you. As an archer, you would be shooting arrows from the back row. Their abilities include AoE Scatter Shot, reducing enemy speed, summoning a beast with HP and ATK to attack in the battle, Knock-Back, and Trapping Enemies.

Era Of Legends Class – Witch

Witches are similar to the Mage class as they can summon and use dark skills. They are good at dealing against groups of enemies. They also possess many debuffs which can weaken the enemy. Witches are great in attacking from a distance. As witches, you need to stay in the backline and send your summons to do the work for you. Their abilities include Immolate Effect, bombarding the enemy multiple times, Restore HP, summoning a devil with HP and ATK to assist you. Along with Mage, this is another class for dealing magical damage.

Era Of Legends Class – Druid

Druids are great defenders but they also possess some cool skills which make them very effective in dealing damage. They have lots of HP and can also transform into beasts. Their abilities include inflicting damage, healing allies, knock-back, buffs to increase ATK and MOV SPD, AoE moon raven skill to deal ranged damage. Overall in our opinion, Druids are superior characters to Warrior Class.


In this article, we have provided you with information regarding the Era Of Legends Best Class in the game. If you have any queries regarding the content of the article, do write to us.

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