Dragon Ball Legends Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Dragon Ball legends is the latest fighting video game released by Namco Bandai. Here we are sharing everything you need to know about the game including Dragon Ball Legends Guide, Tips, Tricks, dragon ball legends best characters, Special Skills, equipment, Cheats & Strategy.

Dragon Ball Legends Guide

Dragon Ball Legends Guide

The crust of the game is very simple- creating a team with the dragon ball legends best characters. Besides the usual characters, there is a new protagonist created by Akira Toriyama himself. The game has several gameplay modes. In the beginning, you have access only to the story modes but later you can play the PvP modes and the event modes. If you are new to the Dragon Ball games then you might not be familiar with the game mechanics. New gamers lack knowledge about the fighting skills of the characters and hence are not in a position to create the best team possible. Hence, in this article, we will be giving you be giving you dragon ball legends guide, dragon ball legends tips and tricks to master the game.

Dragon Ball Legends Best Characters – Character Elements Guide

There are seven elements in the game- Five regular elements and two special elements. The characters are represented by the elements. Each element is superior to some and weak to others. Let’s have a look at the Dragon Ball Legends Guide of best characters available in the game.

  1. Blue – Blue is stronger than Red while weaker than Green.
  2. Green – Stronger than blue, weaker to purple.
  3. Purple – Stronger than Green and weaker than yellow.
  4. Red – Stronger than Yellow and weaker than Blue.
  5. Yellow – Stronger than purple and weaker than Red.
  6. Dark – Stronger than regular elements but weaker than light. Currently, this is only available for the AI.
  7. Light – Stronger than dark but neutral against others. Only Shallot has this element.

Dragon ball legends tips – Choose characters on the basis of elements. If the enemy is yellow, choose the Red element character.

How to Level Up Fast – Dragon Ball Legends Guide

In this Dragon Ball Legends guide, we will share how can you level up your characters fast in the game. Follow the steps given below to level up your character.

  1. Complete the story missions and you can get EXP.
  2. Training your characters is another good way to boost their stats. That character can also be used in battle. Go to the menu and choose Training-Limited Time Training or EXP Training.
  3. Limit breaks can increase the power level of character. These require Z Power which can be obtained from Summons and from Story Chapters.
  4. Soul Boosting a character can further increase their stats.
  5. Items can also be attached to a character. Items help to activate passive Buffs and items can be obtained from the equipment tab.

Battle Styles

In terms of combat style, the characters are classified into four types.

  • Support Character – They usually have healing abilities. They are highly beneficial to the team and the stats are pretty much even. Tao is a support type character.
  • Melee Characters – They have high striking power. Goku without transformation is a melee character.
  • Defense Characters – These fighters have excellent health stats. Krillin falls under this category.
  • Ranged Characters – They have a very powerful blast attack and faster Ki recovery speeds compared to melee fighters. Super Saiyan Goku is such a character.

If you are not sure of the fighting style of a character, you can just tap on it to get info.

Dragon Ball Legends Tips & Tricks For Battle

Tip 1 – When the battle begins don’t rush the attacks. Move to and fro and wait for your enemy to make the move and when you get an opening, seize upon it.

Tip 2 – Melee attacks are a good way to take the fight to your opponent.

Tip 3 – If you have Ki energy available, you can choose to activate Art Cards. Using three art cards in succession can do a lot of  damage to your enemy.

Tip 4 – Cards having the Dragon Ball icon should be activated as they will help power up the Rising Rush attack for use in fights.

Tip 5 – When you Spot Your characters icon glowing tap on it to unleash the special ability of your character. These abilities help in increasing the fighting stats of your character.

Tip 6 – You need time to charge your ki and hence do so only when you have knocked your enemy, otherwise, they will get a free hit at you.

Tip 7 – The use of Rising Rush attack is very important. This is a very powerful attack and should be used only in the most difficult of situations.

Tip 8 – When the opponent is using the rising rush technique you must avoid it at all costs because it can be fatal. To do so swipe left or right and dodge it at the right moment.

PVP Dragon Ball Legends Tips & Cheats

  • PVP is one of the most challenging modes in the game as you will be up against players from all the world. Below are some untapped Dragon Ball Legends Tips & Cheats to win PVP battles.
  • Firstly select the best possible three characters who must reach a very high level(around 300)
  • Strike first before your opponent. This can be accomplished by dodging and using cards. Also, choosing the blast-card is a good option.
  • If you manage to land the first Strike use your cards.
  • Use the rising rush technique at the appropriate moment.
  • Use the main ability when needed.
  • With the help of an Art Card restore the Ki Gauge.


In this article, we have provided you with the basic and most necessary information regarding Dragon Ball Legends Guide, Tips, Tricks, dragon ball legends best characters, Cheats & Strategy. The game is vast and offers lots of possibilities. But once you get the basics right everything else falls into place. If you have any queries regarding the content of the article, then do write to us. Keep visiting Game Guide for more news & Updates of Games.

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