First Touch Soccer 2020 (FTS 20) Mod APK + OBB Download

Soccer is a game which is liked, watched and played by people all across the globe. In recent years, a lot of gaming companies have made their own mobile games based on this same sport. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at one such similar soccer mobile game that seems to be taking over the Internet. If you have only heard of titles like FIFA, then trust us you will be shocked to know about today’s game, as it has a lot to offer in a compatible size that would work on most of the low-end devices too. Yes, we are talking about first touch soccer apk. Here I will share direct download link of FTS 20 APK + MOD + OBB. Let’s check it out!

What is First Touch Soccer (FTS 20) APK?

fts 20 mod apk

The mobile app which we are going to discuss about today is none other than the latest edition of the FTS series, First touch soccer 2020 (FTS 2020). This game is said to be one of the most popular Android soccer games released in 2019 that would make anyone go crazy. The latest edition of the series makes sure that a lot of aspects are better than the earlier versions. For example, you get to see more squads and better graphics. Excited to download FTS 20 APK? Don’t worry I will share the exact step by step guide to download first touch soccer mod apk + OBB for android devices.

We believe that the 2020 version fulfills a lot of demands that the gamers were expecting from the developers. In the current edition, there are better graphics, easier interface, smoother controls, a lot of customization options, many more leagues, to name a few. The best of all, everything has been combined in just 270 MB, which is a lot lesser in size but better in features than most of the similar mobile soccer games out there in the market.

This is what you can expect from the normal FTS 20 apk, but here on our site, we have something different for you. We present to you the limited and exclusive FTS 20 mod apk that just takes your game to the whole new level. Everything that you may be desired from the game, will be fulfilled right through the mod apk. In the first soccer 20 mod version, the game has been edited to give you unlimited stuff so that you can initiate the purchase of club development, custom kit and make player transfers. In this guide, you will get FTS 20 APK + Mod version for android. Check out some amazing features of first touch soccer apk below.

Features of FTS 20 APK + Mod

If you are still curious to know more about the FTS 20 Mod apk, then check out the below features which have been covered in brief:

Unlimited Coins

The mod apk of FTS 2020 provides unlimited in-game currency (coins), through which a player can buy players, transfer players to new clubs, develop the teams, upgrade the stadiums and much more.

Game Modes

Every popular game mode of FTS is present and a lot updated than before. Some of them include Tournament mode, Manager Mode, etc.

High Quality Graphics

Everything in the gameplay just looks too much authentic and real! In some cases, like of the players, you can even get to see certain fine detailing which makes you feel like a part of the game. The graphics have definitely been a lot better and improved than the previous versions.

More Leagues

Many old leagues were updated and new ones were added to enhance the user experience. Some of the popular ones include Bundesliga, Series A, La Liga, to name a few.

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Download First Touch Soccer APK + OBB + MOD (FTS 2020)

If you have managed till here then you are definitely excited at least a little about the game. In this section, we will learn to successfully download, install and run the fts 20 mod apk on your Android device. It’s important that you read each and every step carefully, right from the starting to the end so that nothing goes wrong.

  • Begin the process by downloading the ZIP file listed on this website (Click on below download button). The FTS 2020 Mod Zip file would contain APK, OBB, and Data.
  • After you have successfully downloaded the first touch soccer apk file, you have to get a good and powerful extractor like Zarchiver app so that you can place the files into the necessary folders.
  • Once you have both of the components ready, i.e. the ZIP file and extractor, you have to extract the whole downloaded file into a separate folder from where you can easily access it and perform rest of the moving operations.
  • Once the extraction has been completed, open and install the FTS 2020 APK file, but make sure that you don’t open it otherwise you would have to reinstall the app.
  • Now, here comes the tricky part, where you will have to be a little careful! Take your OBB file and transfer it into Android/Obb and also move your Data file into Android/Data (Both of them should go into the internal memory folders only).
  • That’s it! Open the app and start enjoying your ultimate soccer game! If you want to change the language then you can perform that right through the settings of the app.

Download FTS 2020 APK + Mod + OBB + DATA

Download FTS 20 MOD APK

Download First Touch Soccer 2020 OBB + DATA


FTS 20 Mod APK is a must-have app for every soccer mobile game fan out there. If you would have followed everything as instructed by us then by now, you would be enjoying the first touch soccer apk. If for some reason, you aren’t still able to play the game, then comment below with your issue and someone from our team or readers would get back to you with an appropriate solution.

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