Brown Dust Guide & Tips & Strategies For Beginners

Here, we have shared the ultimate brown dust guide for beginners to quickly ranking up units. Let’s get started with our Brown Dust guide, cheats, tips, tricks, and strategies.

Brown dust is a strategy game with more than 300 mercenaries and 1200 stages. A game of this magnitude presents quite a challenge to gamers. You can lead your team choosing the right combination of mercenaries, attack formation, and can decide on what type of strategy to use. Hence, in this article, we will provide you a Brown Dust Guide on the game mechanics and also, we will be giving you Brown Dust Tips and strategies to help you ace the game. Lastly, we will be briefly touching upon the Character Tier List in the game.

Brown Dust Guide – Character, Attack, Team

Brown Dust Guide:

Brown Dust Guide & Tips

Character Classes

The mercenaries in the game are classified into the following four categories.

  1. Warrior – Warriors are attacking characters and they focus on taking down a single enemy At a time. They are very helpful in cutting through the defense lines of opponents and in eliminating the dangerous mercenaries.
  2. Defender – This class has skills which allow them to resist incoming attacks and protect their allies. Defenders are abundant in HP and DEF Stats.
  3. Magician – When in need of taking down multiple enemies, Magicians are the best bet. Their attacks usually involve the Area of Effect, which deals damage to groups of mercenaries. They can also cast Debuffs as well. However, their skills need time to recharge and hence they might skip certain turns.
  4. Supporters – These characters are there to help out others by casting buffs. They do no attack.

Character Stats

  1. ATK – States the amount of damage that a unit can deal with.
  2. Support – Higher support stat means better support skill characteristics.
  3. HP – Deals with the health of characters.
  4. Crit Rate – The chance of hitting Critical strike.
  5. Crit DMG – The amount of damage inflicted through Critical attacks.
  6. DEF – Def stat is a defensive stat and as this stat level increases the resistance to incoming damage decreases.
  7. AGI – Deals with the unit’s chance of being grazed by opponent attacks. Grazed attacks inflict 35% less damage, and cast debuffs for half of their duration.

Attack Order

Attack order is an integral concept in the game which you must learn to succeed. This basically deals with the order in which your troops attack. Depending on your strategy and situations you might want to reshuffle the attacking order. You can change the order by tapping the attack order option in the battle preparation screen and resetting the order. Usually, attackers are given the first go but sometimes it would be good to let the defenders attack first owing to their skills.

Team Formation Guide

While there are no general rules regarding the formation, it is best to keep the defenders in front protect the other classes from damage. This gives Warriors space and time to plan their attacks. Magicians can also use their skills accordingly. Also, supporters can give AOE buffs which might prove very useful. Another cool feature is the set effects which can be used once you have the right combination of units. Once you obtained the best possible team formation, you can save it for future use.

This is the Brown dust guide for beginners. Now let’s proceed to the Brown Dust Tips, Tricks & Strategies to quickly rank up units.

Brown Dust Tips & Strategies

Getting Mercenaries 

 There are more than hundreds of mercenaries in the game. All of them have different skills and characteristics. Some of the higher tier mercenaries are quite difficult to obtain. Hence getting 3-star, 4-star mercenaries is not bad. Mercenaries can be recruited by many ways but the best way is to recruit mercenaries using diamonds. Recruit 10 Mercenaries from the Chance Up, and you can obtain 11 Mercenaries.

Farming Items

To develop Mercenaries, you would need a number of items, all of which can be obtained by playing through different game modes.

  • Gold – Obtained From Campaign Battles, Event Dungeon, and by selling Mercenaries, Runes.
  • Crystals – Can be obtained playing through challenge mode and from Crystal Cave.
  • Ancient Coins and Honor Coins – From Arena
  • Runes – By playing through challenge mode and from Rune temple.
  • Diamond – Can be obtained by completing missions, and quests.
  • Skill Books – From Honor Shop, completing quests and missions, a trading post.
  • Soul Gear – Co-op Raid.
  • Slimes – Can be obtained by completing missions, quests, and from challenge mode as well as Slime Forest.

Leveling Up

You can level up a character by using slime or by having him as your teammate. Winning the campaign battle results in a huge amount of XP to the team members. You can obtain slime from the campaign modes, event dungeon, and missions. Select Mercenary Mode, and choose your mercenary and select level up using slime.

Best Characters in the Game

  1. Ron -Ron is a warrior type character. He is great in the story mode and demon castle. He has good agility, can taunt enemies, and good HP.
  2. Sloan – Sloan is a defender type character. He is a character for all the modes. He has the ability to counter with poison and barrier. He has good HP as well.
  3. Noel – Noel is a magician and is great for all modes except Arena. He can use burn damage, 5 Tile Vertical AOE.
  4. Arines – A supporting character is also a strong attack buffer.

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In this article, we have provided you with all the necessary information regarding Brown Dust guide, tips & Strategies. If you have any queries regarding the article, do write to us.

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