How to Color Your Name in Brawl Stars (Brawl Stars Colored Name)

Brawl Stars is a freemium multiplayer mobile arena fighter/party brawler video game developed and published by Supercell. In Brawl Stars, players are ranked by their level and total trophies. Players collect brawlers and select one to use each game. In this post, I will teach you about how to Color Your Name in Brawl Stars. I am sure you have seen many players get color for their names. How do they do it because you can not find it anywhere in the shop, so the question is how to get Brawl Stars Colored Name. Don’t worry here we have shared everything you need to know.

Adding color in brawl stars is very easy, we will share step by step guide to colored your name in brawl stars. Adding color to your text looks cool, isn’t it? Let’s get Brawl Stars Colored Name in 2 minutes.

How to Color Your Name in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Colored Name

Brawl Stars Colored Name

Follow below-mentioned steps to get Brawl Stars Colored Name. This method will work for the player names, club names, and club descriptions.

Important note:- You can’t change the color of the text in club or game-room chats.

  • When you are entering your name first time or you are changing the name of the exisiting account, you need to type <c#>name</c> where # is the number for a color.
  • HTML code – <c#>NAME</c>
  • NAME – This is the text you want to have colored.
  • # – Color Codes (Check chart below)

Brawl Stars Colored Name – Color codes

  • 0 = black
  • 1 = white
  • 2 = red
  • 3 = green
  • 4 = blue
  • 5 = cyan
  • 6 = pink
  • 7 = yellow
  • 8 = purple
  • 9 = dark red

So this is how you can change Color Your Name in Brawl Stars and get Brawl Stars Colored Name. Just Paste your favorite color code in place of # and you are done. Seems easy right! I have tried this personally and working like charm. So what are you waiting for use this HTML code (<c#>NAME</c>) and get Brawl Stars Colored Name right now. Keep visiting Game guide for more interesting stuff.

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