Bleach Mobile 3D Guide Tips Cheats & Strategies

Bleach is a recently released 3D MMORPG game for the Android and iOS devices. Let’s check out our Bleach Mobile 3D Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies for beginners.

There is a wide range of game modes and customization options available in the game. You can select one Main character and two supporting allies to form your 3 man team. There is a wide variety of characters to choose from and hence the different combinations make the game very intriguing. Basically what you need to do is to level up and face ever-increasing challenges. Strategies play a very important part in the game, especially in the PvE and PvP modes. You also need to manage resources and should keep an eye on the in-game stamina which will continuously deplete with every activity or battle you engage in. If you are new to MMORPG games then you might have slight trouble adapting to the controls and mechanics, otherwise, you are fine. In this article, we will be giving you Bleach Mobile 3D Guide, tips and tricks to ace the game but firstly, let us look at the basics.

Bleach Mobile 3D Guide For Beginners – Characters, Weapons

Bleach Mobile 3D Guide

Bleach Mobile 3D Guide

Obtaining Characters

On the basis of their rarity, the characters in the game can be classified into three groups-R, SR, and SSR. Character recruitment can take place via two methods- normal recruitment and advance recruitment. You obtain R rarity heroes from normal recruitment and other rarities from advance recruitment. You can tap the question symbol in the recruitment menu to check the drop rate of the characters. Here, you can also obtain character fragments. Once you have sufficient fragments, you can have that particular character. The complete list of characters in the game can be obtained by selecting the gallery from the deploy option. From there you can have an idea about the number of fragments needed for each character.

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Upgrading Characters

If you need to boss the PVP modes or the challenge modes, then you should be having your character at the peak of its power. This can be done by upgrading the various character stats like-attack power, defense, HP and more. Let us look at the ways by which we can upgrade our characters.

Levelling Up

You can level up characters with the help of EXP items. These items can be obtained from Store, quests or by playing the Soul reaper mode. Once you have enough EXP items go to the character menu and tap upgrade.

Quality Upgrade

You need silver for this upgrade. You are upgrading the stats of your character. You can do so by tapping the quality button in the character menu and choosing the breakthrough option.

Advanced Upgrade

Here, you are upgrading the rank of the character with the help of advancement stones and silver. As a result, the advanced attributes get unlocked. Playing the Seireitei mode is one way to get advancement stones. They can also be obtained from the black market.

Upgrading Weapon Skills

Upgrading your weapon scale is a necessity if you need to make good progress in the game. For this, you would need sufficient EXP SCROLLS. Once you have obtained a sufficient number of scrolls, enter the character menu tap the weapon icon, select skills and, choose the skill you need to upgrade.

Upgrading Accessories

From level 43 onwards, the inner selection will be unlocked. In this mode, you can earn reputation points and spend it in the sanctum store for accessory fragments. You can equip accessories by tapping the accessory option. You can also upgrade them in the upgrade menu.

Upgrading Jade

Jade can be obtained from the black market, mart, or from the Dungeon Mode. To equip Jade, just tap on the jade option in the bottom right side. These are some best Bleach Mobile 3D Guide for beginners now let’s have look at the Bleach Mobile 3D Tips, Cheats & Strategies.

Bleach Mobile 3D Tips & Strategies

Join an Association

Joining an association can bring you many benefits like participating in Association quests, getting sign-in bonuses, using the association store, etc. You can also request character fragments from fellow association members as well as gift them to those in need.

Complete the Daily Missions

You can find the daily option on the right side of the screen. Here you can find a list of daily tasks that will reward you with more EXP, diamonds, recruitment coupons, sweep coupons and more. You should ensure that you complete them all.

Check your inventory

Sometimes you might get items that you won’t even realize you have. Hence, it is wise to check your inventory occasionally. To open your inventory tap the Gear icon.

Avoid the Auto-mode

The game has an easy mode which is good for easy battles but however, we do not recommend using it. Develop your controls, dodge attacks and using skills smartly is the better option.

Upgrade Character and Accessories

We have given you information to boost your character stats and upgrade other accessories. This is very important if you need to face harder challenges and excel in all the game modes. Complete all the sub-quests as these offer a lot of rewards.

In this article, we have provided you with information about the Bleach Mobile 3D Guide and the tips you can use to have a better and more successful experience. If you have any queries regarding the article, do write to us.

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