Battlefield 5 Firestorm Gun & Weapons Guide

The Firestorm Battle Royale Mode in Battlefield 5 presents to you a total of 21 awesome guns to choose from. If what you seek is victory, then you need to have a good idea about the best weapons in each category. The guns in the game are organized into different categories like SMG, LMG, Rifles, Shotguns, Sidearms, etc. At the beginning of the game, your inventory will be quite small including just two primary guns and one secondary gun and slots for grenades and healing items.

However, as the game progresses backpacks will extend these slots. You should avoid picking up every new item you come across. Choosing wisely will help you make good progress in the game. In this article, we will be looking at what are the best Battlefield 5 Firestorm Gun and will also talk about the Weapons Guide.

Battlefield 5 (V) Firestorm Submachine Gun Tier List

Battlefield 5: The Best SMGs

  1. Suomi KP/-31 – Suomi is undoubtedly the best SMG in the game. If you have a decent aim, then this gun will do the talking for you. It has got a high rate of fire and it excels in hipfiring, quick deployment, and reduced recoil. If you get the Epic version then it will boost the fire rate even more and add reflex sight as well. The epic version can also do significant damage from a distance.
  2. M1928A1 Thomson – This gun is slightly easier to use than Suomi because it has lower vertical recoil and faster reloading times. The gun is also pretty handy for ranged encounters. The rear version of the gun features reflex sight while the epic version has got lens sight. If you are a beginner then this gun might be the best choice for you.

Battlefield 5: Semi Auto Rifle Tier List

  1. MaA1 Carbine – This is the strongest semi-automatic rifle in the game. The M1A1 does not inflict much damage but it’s high rate of fire more than compensates for it. This is a good option for mid-range attacks. The rare version has got quick deploy speed while the epic version comes with improved hipfire rate, extended magazine and reflex sight. Overall, this is one of easy to use and best rifles available in the game.
  2. Gewehr-43 – If you want a gun that is going to serve you well in mid to long range combats, then this is the gun for you. The major features include fast and improved ADS, good recoil, and low bullet travel time. The rare version comes with reflex sight while the epic version has got the mid-range scope. Overall another great rifle.

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Battlefield 5: Sniper Rifles

  1. ZH-29-ZH29 is unique in the fact that it’s the only self-loading rifle in the game. This is quite a deadly weapon to have especially in medium-ranged encounters. The quick ADS and fast bullet time are some of the features which makes this gun great. The Epic version comes with improved ADS and mid-range scope.
  2. Kar98k – Kar98k is the best Sniper rifle in the game and also the most lethal. A single headshot is enough to knock-off your enemies. Even the strongest armor can be pierced through its shots and destroy the mightiest of foes. However, before using this weapon you must realize that travel time and bullet drop might not be suitable for you. The Epic variant comes with a bipod and mid-range scope which allows greater precision while shooting. If you want to kill enemies for fun, then this is the weapon for you.

Battlefield 5: Machine Guns

  1. Bren GunThis LMG is a bad idea if you prefer stealth over all-action combat. However, if you enjoy the sight of an unlimited supply of bullets being showered down your enemies throat, then this gun is a must-have. Bren Gun can do serious damage from every range and it’s high-velocity bullets and 30 round clip makes it the best gun to wipe out groups of enemies. You should be aware of its bulkiness and how it takes up a significant portion of the screen.
  2. MG-42 – If you got the brains, then this gun will be an ideal companion. The improved flash-hider and the close-range sight makes it very effective. Moreover, the epic version comes with improved cooling and rate-of-fire boost.

Battlefield 5: Shotguns

  1. 12g Automatic-12g Automatic is very lethal in close combat, especially during the late-game sections where you will be forced into a lot of close combat situations. The rare version has an extended magazine while the Epic Variant come with improved bullet penetration and heavy load.
  2. M97-The major features include a quick trigger, increased headshot damage, and close-range sight.

Battlefield 5: Sidearms and Melee Weapons

  1. P38 Pistol
  2. P08 Pistol
  3. M1911
  4. FP-45 Liberator
  5. Mk Vl Revolver
  6. British Army Jack Knife
  7. Club
  8. Cricket Bat
  9. Hatchet
  10. Kukri
  11. Machete
  12. Pickaxe
  13. Scout Knife
  14. Shovel
  15. Solveig Knife


In this article, we have provided you with information regarding the best Battlefield 5 Firestorm Gun & weapons used in Battlefield 5 Firestorm Mode. If you have any queries do write to us. 

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