AxE: Alliance vs Empire Guide, Tips & Cheats

Are you looking for one of the most exceptional gameplay to play out with your friends? If YES, join the game of AxE: Alliance vs Empire now and keep testing your strategies skills. We will also help you to provide Alliance vs Empire Guide, Tips & Cheats to Win All The Battles.

Nexon has recently released one of the most beautiful MMORPG game in the market that has won the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide with its fantastic gameplay. You have to put on a little bit input here to won the gameplay. It is indeed an excellent game where you have to manage the set of warriors in the fantasy world. Actions with nary input, directions to flow and a lot more are there to play on.

Just keep growing your characters as quickly as you can do and keep updating yourself on a daily basis so that not to miss the opportunities and to maintain a lead in the competition. So get ready for the adventure and keep your fun alive to won gameplay with exciting points. Hopefully, these things are helpful in terms of knowing about the strategies at any time. Now, let’s have a look at some of the essential AxE: Alliance vs Empire Guide, Tips & Tricks.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Guide

Alliance vs Empire Guide

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Guide

Factions Guide

In AxE: Alliance vs Empire game, you will get two factions to choose from – Alliance and Empire. It is also known as a Galanos Alliance and Holy Darkhaan Empire. Now the question is which one is better? Well, The game is recommending the Empire at the moment because if you choose to go with this faction, you will get 50k Gold as a reward. You can also choose Alliance after all the gold reward doesn’t affect the criteria on which you select the Faction. This is all about factions in Alliance vs Empire Guide. At the end, it’s all your choice, what to choose!

Character Classes Guide

Alliance (Galanos Alliance)

  • Archer (Support)
  • Titan (Tank)
  • Blademaster (Debuffs)

Empire (Darkhaan Empire)

  • Valkyrie (Support)
  • Warrior (Tank, Debuffs)
  • Mage (Damage Dealer)

Alliance vs Empire Tips, Cheats & Strategies

In this section, we will share some hidden Alliance vs Empire tips, tricks & cheats to win all the battles. Also, comment down your thoughts & tips for Alliance vs Empire, we will add your suggestions in this post.

Character Selection 

Character selection is one of the most important things that we all need to care about and especially when you are newer to MMORPGs game. Every character class includes its roaster and to find out its role is one of the most important things that you need to take care while playing the well balanced single and team play battles. Every class of characters being involved here includes a specific set of features, so it gets quite challenging to make side by side comparisons to make it happen. So you need to keep acute care during the selection of the character. Try to make it easy as per your gameplay means you are willing to play offensive or defensive.

Keep your Character as Per the Quests

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is an impressive gameplay that holds you in the land of massive battles where you have to keep on fighting with your enemies with your gameplay. We prefer you to go with the introduction and the initial quests of the game way so that you can well aware of the reasons behind the wars and the exciting game of battles. Every journey here will let you know about the reason behind the war and why you need to fight for your faction. Your character will keep completing the previous quests and taking out the next one itself during the gameplay.

Keep updating

It is another critical success that will help you out in getting a lead in the gameplay. Every time you update your gameplay and unlock the bunch of new activities more will you get the chances of winning the rewards in the game. So keep updating your character regularly to get progressive in the gameplay.

Enjoy the gifts

Don’t miss the chance of getting free rewards while playing the game. Never neglect them as they are the stairs that will lead you to the trophy of the winner and make the gameplay more interesting and exciting for you. Whether they are about gear pulls, events and attendance rewards, or quests, keep updating your wallet regularly to beat your opponents in the gameplay.


AxE: Alliance vs Empire Guide is the gameplay that makes you indulge you for a more extended period and it gets more interesting if we use some tips to win it. Here we have provided you with some Alliance vs Empire tips that will surely help you in getting lead and to win the gameplay effectively. Keep Visiting Game Guide Me to get the latest news and updates of games.

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